Your identity is the key


When we start something one of the first things that come to our mind is to announce on social platforms. Β 
But not all social platforms are the same and neither they have the audiences with the same mind.

(You can probably find your favorite actresses twerking on Instagram but no way she would do the same on LinkedIn)

This implies that posting the same content on every platform doesn’t work. You need to craft it for each platform (I’ll cover the crafting for each platform in later articles)Β 

Now suppose you have crafted enough articles and you want to publish it. But your social media profiles look like below.Β 

You see the concern here. Your audience will not able to find you easily if someone shares your post on a different platform. i.e. someone shares your post from Linkedin to Facebook, in this case, people on Facebook have a hard time finding your profile because of different username and profile pic.Β 

When you are serious about your business you need to maintain consistency in your profiles and usernames. You might have seen the image below in the past. A very good example of creating the recall.Β  Β 

This strategy holds mainly for personal brands. If you have some other business name you will likely create profiles with that name.

What action you should take?

  • Create the same or similar username across all social platforms, to make yourself easy to find.Β 
  • Use the excerpts from the same detailed bio to define yourself.Β 
  • Always make the links ready to your product and services.Β Β 

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