Try to Retarget and makes a profit even on free stuff.


Giveaways are essential to increase the reach and its proven tactic. But most people usually don’t know how to utilize it to the fullest.Β  You can make profits using free giveaways as well and there is nothing wrong with it.Β  Even when you have fewer followers.Β 


What can you do and How??

First of all, decide on your goal. Is it to increase followers ??Β  OR post engagements ?? OR purchase ?? OR its just a goodwill gesture?
Let’s exclude goodwill here because that’s a personal opinion and that should be free.Β 

Suppose you want to reap the full benefit of the giveaway.

I am taking the example of an ebook but you can apply it to probably anything else.

Assumptions:Β  you have already at least 100 engaging followers.

Split your product into 2 parts. Suppose if you offering an ebook on 40 ideas on how to grow your business. Split that into 2 ebooks of 30-40 Ideas. Β  Plan for a giveaway on your favorite social platforms. Tell them that you are offering the 40 ideas ebook at a 99% discount. (approx 1$-2$ max) for the first 50 sales (don't reveal the purchase link). Remember this is just to make them involved.

This will help you to churn out the actual audience who will stick to your content. Make sure to provide at least 5 times more value to the user in your offerings.Β  Suppose at least 50 people bought your 40 ideas ebook you got (50*2 = ) 100$ in your pocket.

Now here are the steps of the Game of retargeting:Β 

  1. Personally Message them with your purchase link and put the single page at the end of the ebook asking them to purchase the full 100 ideas ebook at a 15$ special price just for you.
  2. Now, as soon as they complete the 40 ideas ebook they will see the offer of 100 ideas, and If you have given them enough value in 40 ideas, they will surely buy your 100 ideas ebook as well.Β 
  3. In case they skipped the book middle and never able to make it to the last page (which will happen for sure) , just put that single page at the beginning. Nothing wrong here.Β 
  4. This way, your offering will never be at loss and you will never need to mess with fake audiences because you will gain only real audiences who purchased. Β 

Benefits you get :

  • This gives an initial idea of your future sales, Maybe in long run after 4-5 months if you launch something, you will have an idea about your potential customers and you can directly connect with them.Β 
  • Reduce churn rates
  • Direct message to followers gives a personal touch and they will stick.Β 
  • Free < 1$. Freebies are never worth it, no one takes them seriously. That 1$ giveaway helps your product to retain its value and makes your product safe from free mongers. Β 

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