Steps to Use Quora Answers for free traffic source


Over the times’ quora has gained an enormous amount of traffic and is becoming an initial choice for marketers. Β 

It has a digest feature that automatically sends your answers to millions of users, a kind of free newsletter service.Β  But here is the catch, you should be proactive on quora for that to receive such an amount of engagement.

Anyhow it’s still better than waiting for ranking on google. As your same posts are more likely to rank on other higher authority domains. Plus there is no promotional marketing needed. You just need to answer regularly. Quora will deliver your answers to the public for free.

Quora Digest

What you should do and how?

  1. Find the questions you are in your domain. (just do a causal search on quora)
  2. Check the top 12 most engaging questions and their top answers,Β 
  3. Analyze the trend and the way it is written. Most of the time you either need to share your personal experience or tell a story. These 2 formats work most.Β  Β 
  4. Now pick the 5-7 questions closest to your niche and write 5-10 different formats of your answers. Don't try to sell otherwise your account will be flagged, Try to deliver value.
  5. Try to use images and GIFs in your answer to get maximum clicks. Make sure the image is not promotional and must represent more real life thing. Like a person, or screenshot. Build a story around it.Β 
  6. After delivering enough value in your answer, recommend your product. (Don't promote, you should recommend as the second person using the product).Β 
  7. Spend at least 30 min a day to write a single answer a day for at least a month. Your old content will still get engagement don't worry. Maintain this consistency for at least 2 months to deliver enough values.Β 
  8. Find out the Quora spaces in your niche and share your article there as well. Β 
  9. The more the answers the more chances that your answers will be picked by a larger audience. Β 

This guy has compiled enough things in his ebook.Β  Also, you must look at this thread

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