Something unusual from the Neil Patel


If you have ever tried Ubersuggest which is an exceptional tool for SEO.
Look what he is doing here in the image below.Β 

He is using his own profile pic as a substitute for a live chat helper to guide you throughout your searches.Β 
I think is an impeccable way of communicating and the reason why I love this tool so much.Β 

It seems so personal like my free coach is in front guiding me.Β 
However, I haven’t seen anyone doing it, and that’s why it is a unique and cool thing to try.Β  Β 

What action you should take?

  • Show your face everywhere you promote the product (applies to solo founders only)Β 
  • Human faces can add warmth and emotion that helps support an intended tone for a specific brand or product.
  • Don't use this technique in advertisements. Why?? Read here
  • The purpose is to link your product to your face. This put the impression in people mind and they always recall your product along with you.Β  Thus this helps to increase the personal brand.Β  Β 

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