Provoke the user (not irritate) for better purchase


When you launch the pricing plan, you don’t need to design your pricing in a traditional way (i.e. setting up a tier and other limitations)Β 

You can always go a step ahead and create a dynamic pricing form, which on selecting a plan, shows some limitations and prompt the users to opt for a better higher plan. Β 

Native strategy of hustlingbears results in 38 sales for higher plans over the first week

How does it work ?Β 

The low plans are just dummies to keep you on the safe side. You really don't want anyone to sign for that but In case the high plans are costly for some developing countries, they still have the option for opting for low plans with some trade-offs.Β 

But for those who can afford and are not sure of higher plans, you can give them the push by showing some benefits. You just need to add touches of humor.Β 

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