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There are too many blog articles on growth strategies, and everyone is writing the same obvious strategies for growth. But the actual and meaningful marketing growth strategies are always in the form of comments at discussion forums and chat groups. Because those are someone's personal experience and advices and hence already validated.

👉 You just need 1 successful strategy to boost conversions. You are getting 108+ to try

Since I am active in dozens of social media platforms and private groups, I have a habit of noting down everything which excites me and I am doing it almost daily. But this time, I thought this might help many people who are struggling alone like me. So, I gave focus more on those strategies which can be implemented by single founders. It means 90% of these strategies don't cost a dime and are free to implement without having any marketing team

I have compiled 108+ actionable strategies (no long articles and repetitive stuff, just direct and to the point actions) and sold them to 100+ subscribers to date


Fix issues you didn't even know existed

You spend days on search engines to find ways to grow your product organically. I am also doing it for years, so I am just saving your time and providing you the exact things you have been looking for on search engines. All of these strategies are taken from reliable sources including below (with attributions).

  • Slack Groups
  • GrowthHakers.com
  • Tweets
  • IndieHackers.com
  • Product Hunt
  • Reddit
  • Facebook Groups
  • Youtube


Find the perfect strategy you need

All growth strategies are categorised with types of product stages. These are drilled down to applicability and use case.

  • Social Media - Strategies that involves the use of social platforms
  • Tools - Strategies that stimulates the use of some software to get the job done.
  • Psychology - Strategies related to human behaviour and how you can hack that to get more sales.
  • Validation - Product Validation strategies and plans on how to get the most out of it.

Strategies with niche tags

All growth strategies are equipped with niche tags to give you a better idea on applicability.

  • Launch - Strategies related to product launching
  • Conversions - Strategies related to sales and conversions
  • Growth - Organic ways to increase your product reach

and many more


Actionable steps at the end

All growth strategies are equipped with direct impact and actions that you must take

  • What actions you should take - Step Flow you should use to get the similar results
  • How does it impact? - Why you should use the methods given and what is the impact

Find tons of valuable snippets

Snippets are collection of reading resources and one liners which you can utilize to get some in-depth analysis of existing strategies. One liners are free to consider trivial hacks that people tend to miss easily. You can filter the snippets of your niche using the tags filter

  • Article Links - Snippets contains some highly valued articles. They are lengthy with lot of detailing involved, that's why I have put the direct link.
  • Tools - Snippet contains hundreds of (not so famous but effective) software tools that you must try to speed up the process

Create your own streaks

Streaks are the personalized collection of strategies.

You can club and put a title to the set of strategies and start implementing them. For e.g Streak on "Blog Improvements" and put all blog related strategies under it


Transparent validations count

All strategies has been validated by individuals that can be seen on every post


Strategies come and go with time

And I have already got it covered. All of these comes with life time updates and replacements


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Save your massive amount of time that you could spend on more meaningful stuff.

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226 people have Skyroketed their product by applying these strategies.

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Philiz Advertin Online Marketer, Swarco
I started to refer IndieHacks for each of my product now. It has all the repeating marketing tasks and allows me to focus on core implementation. I love it.
Toy Haferns Founder, Timeliners
Awesome value for the money. I never thought such a low amount of money would bring me so many leads per month.
Bollard Thorn Product Expert, Backboom
Just loved it. IndieHacks has already done pretty detailed curation in every possible domain. I recommend going forl ifetime updates plan.
Case Williams Maker, Hustlerz
I am solopreneur and doesn't have enough funds to run costly ads. It took me long time to think weather to invest ind IndieHacks or not. But trust me it s worth, I have implemented some of the strategies mentioned and now getting decent traffic within couple of months .
John Wrang Founder, IndonMate
Great Strategies and innovative approach. I can already see, I could apply these superb tips in my upcoming projects..
Meghan Casper Marketing Advisor, Social Grade
Absolutely loved these growth hack strategies bundle. Great job! The time savings tips . Found it very useful.

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